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Genesisdecor was officially founded in 1993, although it was already working in the area of bespoke furniture and use of spaces much earlier.


From an early age, it stood out in the market for the innovation of its ideas, presentation of 3D projects and presented solutions. it is just a continuation of this project, which is now 30 years old, and a first bet on the online sale of solutions for the use of spaces, where functionality and design are our brand image.

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What materials are used in your furniture?


The same one we use to manufacture our custom-made furniture, that is, when the customer has a solution manufactured for his home, we believe that furniture is meant to be durable. And it is following this same philosophy that we always work with the best suppliers in each industry, Sonae and Egger in cotton products and Haefele, Indaux and Wurth in hardware, because in addition to being a reference in this segment, they are also a guarantee quality with our customers.


What are the Delivery options?


The Delivery service is optional and available for the entire mainland of Portugal. The value of this service varies depending on the area. If the customer does not want this service, we have the option "Collect at the Factory" at no additional cost.

Asdelivery is made?


In both options, we contact the customer to schedule a day and time for delivery/collection of the order.



Do you assemble furniture?


No. In addition to simplifying the product, our furniture comes with assembly instructions and free online support (via email, Skype or WhatsApp), precisely so that this service can be carried out by customers with minimal DIY knowledge, thus eliminating the need to hire of extra services and their costs.

Do you accept returns?

Genesisdecor does not work with material stocks. Each model presented in our store is associated with several combinations of measurements and materials that will allow the customer to choose a combination that suits their needs. This need is specific to the customer and cannot be transferred to another customer, so when placing an order, the customer is giving a manufacturing order for a solution that will only serve him. Therefore, returns will not be accepted with the following exceptions:

  • product defect

  • manufacturing error

In all the situations described above, Genesisdecor will assume full responsibility without causing damage to the customer, replacing the parts at no cost to the customer. Damage caused during transport and/or assembly carried out by the customer is excluded.

Can I cancel the order?

Yes. After ordering, the customer has 14 days to withdraw from the order, simply sending an email toinfo@genesisdecor.ptto report the withdrawal.

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